The Georgian National Gestalt Institute is the first professional institute in the Caucasus in the field of psychotherapy, which has received international recognition. Its graduates (2016), first in Georgia and the Caucasus, have been granted the European EAGT accreditation in psychotherapy (
The founder and head of the institute is Professor Dimitri Nadirashvili, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, EAGT accredited Gestalt therapist, the honoree of the Dimitri Uznadze Scientific Award. Prof. Dimitri Nadirashvili introduced Gestalt therapy in Georgia and is the author of the first original Georgian textbook “Existential Gestalt Therapy” (2007), as well as the second “Theory and Technik of Gestalt Therapy” (2018) in co-authorship with Prof. Téa Gogotishvili. Both are the first EAGT accredited psychotherapists across Georgia-Caucasus who established the Georgian National Gestalt Institute and who promote Gestalt therapy at Institutional and University levels in the country.
Pre-history of the Georgian National Gestalt Institute is tied up with the Georgian psychological school which is rooted in the beginning of the 1920s. Its founder Prof. Dimitri Uznadze, the author of the “Theory of Attitude” (Einstellung in German), in 1943 established the Research Institute of Psychology at the Academy of Sciences of Georgia (later, D. Uznadze Institute of Psychology), where his apprentices and among them Prof. Dimitri Nadirashvili continued to develop the achievements of national psychologial school in the field of research and practice. Dimitri Nadirashvili was the one who introduced Gestalt therapy in Georgia, heading the Department of Clinical Psychology at D. Uznadze Institute of Psycholology, in the period of the 1900s up to the foundation of the Georgian National Gestalt Institute. From then, until today the theory and methodology of Gestalt therapy has been spreading among professional colleagues, University and Institute students, which makes Gestalt modality more and more popular in Georgia. Already in the 1990s, Prof. Dimitri Nadirashvili incorporated “Gestalt Therapy Theory and Methodology“ as an academic discipline in his training curricula of “Tbilisi Educational Institute of Psychology” (later – “Educational Institute of General, Clinical and Applied Psychology”), where he taught and had occupied the position of Vice Rector. The Institute was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, so its graduates had an opportunity to spread this approach in different fields (organizations, schools, medical and other institutions).
In 2011 the Georgian National Gestalt Institute was Founded.
Since 2012 until today GNGI has been providing Gestalt therapeutic studies according to EAGT Standards.
Every year a new group registers in the GNGI training program. The first generation graduated from the institute in 2016 and were accredited by EAGT in 2017.