Italy – Puglia – Salento – Lecce

Theme: “Dancing the relationship. The therapeutic relationship and the work with relationships as a creative movement from discomfort to self care”

Gestalt training with Creativity, Fantasy, Gathering and Mediteranean Sea

Otranto (Italy) June 28 – July 4, 2020, arrival on June 27

Puglia, with its history, mild and favourable climate and particular geographical position, is a region where beauty, music, good food and art meet. The SALENTO GESTALT SUMMER SCHOOL will take place in the splendid setting of Salento, close to scenic, cultural, historical and architectural jewels such as the Borgo di Otranto, the Faro della Palascia, Santa Cesarea Terme, Castro, Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli, and, last but not least, Lecce with its historical centre rich in churches and baroque monuments.

SALENTO GESTALT SUMMER SCHOOL is now in its 17th Edition and is an event in partnership between five Gestalt Training Institutes:

IGP – Istituto Gestalt di Puglia, Lecce, Italy,
IGF – Istituto Gestalt Firenze, Florence, Italy,
CGT – Centro de Terapia Gestalt, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Azione e Contaminazione, Florence, Italy,
GNGI – Georgian National Gestalt Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia.

GNGI – Georgian National Gestalt Institute


  “Awareness of Personal Character and the Possibilities of change.” 

TRAINERS: Prof. Dimitri Nadirashvili and Prof. Téa Gogotishvili; PhD Psychologists, EAGT accredited EAP certified Gestalt therapists;Directors of Georgian National Gestalt Institute (GNGI), Tbiisi, Georgia

ABSTRACT of the WORKSHOP: The most significant personalities / figures in the perception of a child in the early years and the interaction with themcreates the main factor which formes the personality character.

The character of a child is being configured in the process of satisfying her/his needs in interaction with significant personalities, capturing the child’s situational dipositions and turning them into fixed dispositions. Positive and negative attitudes towards significant personalities form different types of character. Character has its own body language.

Fixed dispositions, as character traits, can often cause inappropriate behavior. The reason for this is that the personality has changed, the background has also changed, but the tendency to repeat behavior has remained the same. Changes in character can be made through awareness of fixed dispositions. The workshop evokes the critical view of childhood attitudes inaccurate and in efficient to the present. The participants develop the awareness of the reality in the present background in which the person has to satisfy the current needs, develop new, conscious attitudes towards creative adjustments.

The 7-day program offers at least 20 workshops of experience and training in Gestalt therapy, counselling, art therapy, dance and movement, theatre and bodywork.

Daily schedule:
9:00 – 13:00
Lunch break
16:00 – 20:00

From this year the languages spoken will be Italian and English.

Alexander Lommatzsch, Caterina Terzi, Anna Rita Ravenna, Sandra Salomão Carvalho, Sergio Mazzei, Valentina Barlacchi, Shobha Arturi, Mirko Antoncecchi, Dimitri Nadirashvili, Tea Gogotishvili,

Program fee:
Members of the institutes in partnership participate for free.

All other participants will pay a program fee of:
€ 385,00

Board and lodging (full board):
From € 350,00 for the whole period.

Reservations and information:

Istituto Gestalt di Puglia, Lecce, Italy,
Via De Simone 29
I – 73010 Arnesano – Lecce

Tel: +39 0832 323862
Mobile: +39 320 4787720