Trainees gain the knowledge of Gestalt Therapy based on the requirements of EAGT training program. The duration of the training is 4 years.
The 1-st year of the training is dedicated to the personal psychotherapy: 200 hours of the group Gestalt therapy and 50 hours of individual therapeutic sessions (face to face) are being completed in a year. Before the beginning of the personal psychotherapy, trainees write the essays, where they express their feelings, thoughts and aspirations. After completion of the psychotherapeutic course, in their final essays trainees share the experience of changes, describe the insights in the process of group and individual therapy as well as “here and now” awareness and self-reflection.
On the 2-nd and the 3-rd years, the trainees undergo the „Theory and Methodology of Gestalt Therapy“. 600 hours of the theory and methodology program are devided into 15 training seminars. Duration of each training seminar is 40 hours. They are conducting every 6 -8 weeks during 2 year. In this process of studies, trainees perform the written colloquiums on every topic of theory and methodology of Gestalt therapy.
Besides the written colloquiums, the trainees are required to carry out minimum one open lecture/presentation a year, where a broad audience – people interested in Gestalt modality and students from universitites attend;
Alongside with the requirements of EAGT training program, GNGI curricula has incorporated the following academic disciplines:
¬ 80 hours – “Research Methods in Gestalt Therapy”
¬ 16 hours – „The practical application of The Theory of Attitude in Gestalt Therapy” (The copyright special training course, created by Prof. Dimitri Nadirashvili and Prof. Tea Gogotishvili);
GNGI has eleborated the Gestalt therapeutic research methodology and teach this subject on the second year of the program, the trainees implement the research practice in the process of educatiotn, they participate in the university conferences as peakers and present their research data in the thesis on the graduation exam.
After completion of 2,5 years of education, trainees start the supervised clinical practice in the medical settings, psychological and educational centers, schools, charity houses and other organisations. The high achievers are offered to conduct practice at the „Gestalt House“ that functions on the basis of the Georgian National Gestalt Institute. All trainees are obliged to undergo 400 hours of clinical practice under130 hours of group supervision and 30 hours of individual supervision.
On the 3-rd year of education, trainees are given the opportunity to be involved in the Professor’s assistance internship in the University setting;



Name of


Facultative Subjects Hours
3-rd Professor’s



Psychotherapeutic Methods 72
    Gestalt therapy 72
    Client Centered Psychotherapy 36
    Family Psychotherapy 36
    Social-Psychological Influence 36
    Attitude Psychology 36
    Formation and Change of an


    Comparative Analysis of

Psychotherapeutic Theories


On the 3rd year of training, students start the clinical practice under the regular individual and group supervision at GNGI.

At the office of GNGI, the “Gestalt House” has been established. There is a special space for individual and group work and also a studio for the children, where Gestalt therapeutic services for adults, children, adolescents, families, couples and organizations are provided. Moreover, as GNGI co-operates with Charity houses, schools and NGOs they send their beneficiaries to Gestalt House, where trainees of GNGI are provided the oportunity to conduct the clinical practice with “charity” clients as well as the private ones. All practicioner trainees documentrally register 400 hours of their clinical work either at

GNGI Gestalt house or in different clinics and medical facilities where they work.

On the 4-th year of training program, the supervised clinical practice is being continued and the trainees prepare the thesis for he graduation exam, which takes place after 4 year of the education.
The program admission requirement is a bachelor’s degree in psychology/social sciences (in accordance with EAGT standard). Those who come from the other professions have to take/do a special training course in Applied Psychology and study compulsory basic subjects. The Applied Psychology course is elaborated in the D. Uznadze Cente for psychological Training and Counseling.


This training program provides a theoretical, experientical education and practice which aims to develop the skills of a trainer and group Gestalt therapist in contemporary Gestalt therapy.

Gestalt therapists involved in the TOT program will undergo supervised practice in Theory, Methodology and Group Gestalt therapy in the frame of EAGT accredited training program as well as practice of Professor asssistance at St. Anrew Georgian University (

MAIN TOPICS: Gestalt therapy teaching / training methods; Psychopathology and field theory in gestalt therapy; Gestalt therapy for anxiety disorders (depression, phobia, obsessive-compulsive behavior); Panic attacks; Psychosis; Addictions, working with co-dependency; Group Gestalt Therapy; Gestalt therapy for couples and families; Gestalt therapy with children, adolescents, elderly people; Ethics in Gestalt Therapy;


Peter Phillipson; Jan Roubal; Gianni Francesetti; Nurith Levi; Hanna Scherler, Dimitri Nadirashvili; Téa Gogotishvili.

SCHEDULE of the PROGRAM: Training-seminars: 24 hours (3 days) every three months.

Regular supervised practices in: Gestalt Therapy Theory and Methodology; Group Gestalt therapy; Professor assistance at the University lectures and seminars.

Beginning of program – 2020, March 13

End of Study – 2022, April 30

English PRICE
2000 Euros per year

Gestalt psychotherapists who have graduated the Gestalt Therapy training program according to EAGT standards. Maximum 20 people.

CERIFICATE: The certificate of Gestalt Therapy Trainer is awarded to those who attend the full program and who meet the evaluation criteria


Современная Гештальт-терапия Новые тренинг-пакеты

📣 Хотите пройти курсы обучения Современной Гештальт-Терапии в совместной программе мировых звезд: Джанни Франчесетти, Питера Филлипсона, Яна Рубала, Нурит Левай и Ханны Шерлер?
EAGT Аккредитованный Грузинский Национальный Гештальт Институт, предлагает 3 тренинг-пакета учебной программы, из которых вы можете выбрать 1 из вариантов, адаптированных к вашим требованиям:
Спешите, до регистрации осталось 10 дней!
1. Предназначен для Гештальт-терапевтов и нацелен на подготовку и сертифицирование международных тренеров.
👉 Программа включает в себя учебные модули + обучение теории и методологии и практику групповой психотерапии под супервизией тренеров Джанни Франчесетти, Питера Филлипсона, Яна Рубала, Нурит Левай и Ханны Шерлер (подробное описание приведено ниже);
👉 После успешного завершения программы будет выдан международный сертификат тренера, признанный EAGT, EAP, AAGT;
👉 Количество желающих ваших тренинговых групп и групповой терапии значительно возрастет, благодаря международному статусу и цензу, полученному по завершению программы.
👉 Вы сможете работать в качестве тренера по методологии и групповым психотерапевтом в институтах на родне и других странах.
Ежегодная стоимость курса составляет 2000 евро в лари (оплата может производиться и ежеквартально и по индивидуальному графику);

2. «Повешение квалификации в современной Гештальт-терапии»
👉 Эта программа предназначена как для студентов-практиков, так и для выпускников Гештальт-терапептов.
👉 После успешного завершения программы будет выдан сертификат, признанный EAGT, EAP, AAGT;
👉 Годовая стоимость курса составляет 1500 евро (оплата может производиться и ежеквартально и по индивидуальному графику);

3. предназначен для студентов, изучающих Гештальт-терапию, а также студентов-практиков и выпускников Гештальт-терапептов.
👉 Программа предусматривает выборочное прохождение учебных модулей;
👉 После прохождения выбранного учебного модуля выдается сертификат, признанный EAGT, EAP, AAGT;
💰 Стоимость учебного модуля составляет 350 евро.
⏳ Продолжительность программы – 2 года
🔹 Гештальт-терапия тревожных расстройств (депрессия, фобия, обсессивно-компульсивное поведение); Панические атаки;
🔹Психозные расстройства; зависимости, работа с со-зависимостью;
🔹Групповая Гештальт-терапия;
🔹 Гештальт-терапия для пар и семей;
🔹 Гештальт-терапия с детьми, родителями / воспитателями, пожилыми людьми;
🔹 Этика в Гештальт-терапии;
🔹 Методика преподавания / обучения в Гештальт-терапии;
🔹 Психопатология и теория поля в Гештальт-терапии;

Начало обучения – 13 марта 2020 года.
Конец обучения – 30 апреля 2022 года.
Тренинги будут проводиться раз в три месяца 24 часа (3 дня).
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